Please follow the links below for some examples of my work.


'Secretions or Obstructions', Litmus Magazine, ed. by Dorothy Lehane, Elinor Cleghorn, Sarah Crewe, and Theodoros Chiotis, 'The Diagnostics Issue' (July 2016)


'Responses to a Tantric Poetics', Datableed, ed. by Eleanor Perry and Juha Virtanen, Volume 1 (October 2015)


Stupid, A Kind of Bracelet’, Jungftak: A Journal for Prose-Poetry, ed. by Eley Williams, Volume 1 (April 2015)


Circumambulations’ and ‘Cows’, screened at ‘MOTIF’, organised by Practice-Based Research PhD students at Royal Holloway (15th November 2014)


Kamala’, in Quaderna: A Multilingual and Transdisciplinary Journal, ed. by Vincent Broqua and Olivier Brossard, Volume 2: Multilingualism (May 2014)


Containing Passages From Dictionaries; Along With The Shell Or Husk; Along With The Membrane’, in Visual Verse, ed. by Preti Taneja, Volume 1, Chapter 1 (November 2013)


Home’, screened at ‘Assembling Identities’, organised by PhD students of the College of Arts at the University of Glasgow (23rd May 2013)


tArA’, created and screened during Caroline Bergvall’s workshop ‘Embodying a Figure’ at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University (July 2012)


Tārāpīṭha’, screened at cross-genre series PolyPly, organised by the Poetics Research Centre at Royal Holloway (12th January 2012)